Staying Safe In This Dangerous World

We live in a world that is obsessed with sex and everywhere you turn, you are likely to be exposed to some form of sexual behavior or images. Every advertisement you see will have used sex or the female body to sell its product and simply turning on the television could expose you to some form of sex or the other which means that even your children are not safe from this. You cannot prevent a child from turning on the television and therefore, there is no doubt that your child will be exposed no matter how much you try to shield your child away from it. This said however, it is vital that you as a parent does everything in your power to hide these things from your child. You will need to have parental protection on your computer which will prevent unnecessary material from popping up on your computer when your child is playing a game or watching a movie but also keep in mind that nothing is one hundred percent guaranteed.

Physical safety

As much as online and internet safety is important, physical safety is even more important which is why it is important for you to try and enroll your child in self defence classes from South Adelaide such as karate classes from a very young age. At the beginning you are not likely to let your child out of your sight but when time goes by, you will not be able to be with your child every minute of the day and it is important that by the time your child reaches this age, she will be well seasoned and well trained to defend herself physically if there is ever a problem. Another great idea is to join a class together because you as a woman are at just as much risk as your daughter is and the chances of you getting hurt are just as great.

You can consider enrolling in taekwondo classes to have a professional instructor for the both of you together. There are lots of mother and daughter self-defense classes available that will serve as some great mother daughter time together. It is important that you teach your daughter from a young age not to ever talk to strangers and not to ever communicate with anyone that she does not know online even if the person is claiming to a be a child themselves as this is the most common tactic used by sexual predators online until one day they will groom your child enough to trick them in to meeting with their “online friend”.