Traditional Healing VS Modern Medicine

One of the biggest debates of our modern times is whether it is better to take a sick person to a modern medicine doctor or to try traditional medication and although most people would give the sick person antibiotics without a thought, the truth is that antibiotics are a lot more ruinous to the health and the immune system than is good. The medical industry gets a lot of money out of people buying antibiotics and therefore they continuously force it on people without much thought or warning about what it does to their immune system. When you get a minor illness, your body is meant to fight the illness and when it does, like a well-trained muscle your immune system is going to become stronger but what the modern doctors do is that they force you to take antibiotics and this destroys your immune system and makes you a lot sicker on the long run.

Trying traditional medicine

It would be a good idea to try traditional medication which uses herbs and plants to strengthen your immune system allowing you to fight the illness yourself. Even if you have a muscle strain or a pull in a muscle, you can choose remedial massage by a traditional doctor who will use various oils and herbs to cure and restore your muscle rather than antibiotics which are harmful to your body.

They will use various techniques of massage therapy to help to heal the muscle and make it stronger. Of course, with a more serious illness, you might not want to take the chance but it is always a better idea to study herbal and traditional techniques so that you know which illnesses can be cured with food and traditional medication.

Keep in mind that modern doctors get money from you being sick and not from you being healthy. When they give you advice, although your illness will temporarily heal, it does not make your body stronger and therefore, you will inevitably come back to them with other illnesses in the future and they know this. The other thing you need to keep in mind is that the food that we eat plays a big role in the illnesses that we get and how frequently we get them. The nutrition that our bodies get can essentially determine the illnesses that we get and how fast we can heal ourselves but modern doctors do not know any of these things because they are not give the is knowledge in their schools and universities.