Holiday Towns You Should Visit By The Murray River

There is an interesting way to explore the longest river of Australia. Murray River covers the longest in the country as well as creating the fertile plains along the way. As a result, many scenic towns and several popular holiday destinations lie by the river. Here are three principal towns you can explore by the river.

Stopping by Albury Wodonga

This town is located by Hume highway and one needs to cross over the river to reach this destination. Formed by travelers Hamilton Hume and William Hovell in the year 1824, there are several remaining landmarks of those times to showcase the history of this town. You will find the famous old Hovell tree where Hovell created his initials as well as several reserves and parklands in this area. The Botanic Gardens as well as the streets of the town are worth exploring for their scenic beauty and well maintained vistas. For golf enthusiasts there are golf deals Melbourne to find at different clubs and resorts located here, which make for the perfect holiday destination.

Yarrawonga along the Murray

This is another popular holiday destination by the Murray River. It is located at a corner of Lake Mulwala. With the river and the lake here, this town is also known as an aquatic paradise. Water based recreations and activities are abundant here. There are several holiday resorts here that offer golf holiday packages. Holiday makers here can explore the local agri-farms and dairy-farms and enjoy a wonderful and relaxing vacation.

Various recreational activities to explore

Whether you are at Yarrawonga or the Mulwala regions, there are several golf facilities to explore here. Indeed, golf is a popular recreation in this region and other towns by the Murray River. Besides golf one can indulge in walking tracks or beach based activities. There are local wineries by this region as well as amusement parks, animal farms and museums to visit in these towns. Water based activities include water boarding, water skiing, boating and cruises. Hence, recreational activities ensure that there is something for everyone.

If you wish to plan such a holiday or visit any of these towns, it is possible to do so in different ways. You would plan to have a golf based vacation and spend days at different golf clubs and resorts. Such holidays could be family based holidays as well where you get to enjoy your golf while the rest of your family can indulge in other activities. There are different kinds of holiday packages available that can be booked online easily.